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I loved this book! It is very beautiful and touching. It is also heartwarming and I loved how the author used the words to describe everything and it was like I was standing there, watching it all happen before my eyes! I would recommend it to everyone!

The Treasure Man book was a birthday present. I just finished reading this beautiful story. It has helped me to learn to listen to the Holy Spirit like it did for Sienna ( the main character). This is a very heartwarming story and I highly recommend this book for anyone! Joy Vee is a truly talented writer and I hope she will write more stories!

Listening to the Holy Spirit and seeing God’s treasure in people is an incredible thing.

Thank you, Joy Vee, for making this inspirational book. I loved it!

Joy’s book about Sienna and her family is beautiful. It draws you in the story, and it gets you fully involved as it unfolds. I found myself close to tears on a number of occasions. In this story, the children get to fully understand the love that God has for them, and for the unfortunate ones around them, and then they demonstrate it. Joy’s grasp of the Bible and the gentle ways of the Spirit shines through the pages as she paints a wonderful picture of learning how to listen to God, and join in with Him in a lovely tale of love, forgiveness, and redemption.

My friend sent me two copies of your book Treasure Man this week.

I have two boys, my oldest is 7. His whole life he has only wanted to read fact books. That’s not an exaggeration. He will not allow any kind of novel to be read to him. Narnia? Nope. Famous five? Nope. Harry Potter? Nope. ANY classic or ANY book with chapters NOPE!

So when we received your book we thought we’d try again. He snuggled in beside me and seen as wrestling was in the first page it grabbed his attention. He then did not let me put it down. He LOVED it. When we finished he said ‘Let’s read it again mum!’

What’s more I was looking at a book about advent this morning he asked about it then went away, he came back and said ‘Actually, can you read it to me mum?’ 

Can I just thank you for your book. It’s obviously shifted something in his mind. I also learned so many renewed lessons from reading it. It was engaging, emotional and really meant so much to me to read it to my son.

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