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Stories about real children

'My son is sure you wrote this story about him!'

I hear this again and again, as parents and children read my books together. Rather than using fantasy or allegory, my books are based on real children and families, doing day to day things, but finding themselves caught up in extraordinary adventures as they listen to God's promptings.

I encourage you to read these stories together - even if that isn't something you usually do. The Sienna books and the Kai books have questions in the back to help you talk through some of the issues raised.

The Sienna Series (The Treasure Man and Love From Sienna) are for 7-11 year olds. They follow the story of a family learning to listen to Jesus together - and it isn't always easy.

The Kai Series (Born to be Super and Making it Count) is for 5-8 year olds. Kai knows he was born to be super - but no one else seems to understand, until a girl at school tells him that Jesus thinks he is super. Kai's life is about to change.

The KAI books are now available in AUDIO on google books, and in UKRAINIAN (see shop below!). There are Sunday School resources also being finalised based on Kai - Born to be Super.

AUDIO - KAI- Born to be Super - Click HERE

AUDIO - KAI - Making it Count - Click HERE

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