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About Joy Vee

A Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

If your family is anything like mine, my attempts to talk about God are often met with eye rolls. How do we encourage our young ones to develop godly habits without seeming preachy and boring? How do we walk out our faith in front of our kids when we know that we don’t have all the answers? How can ...

Stories about real children

'My son is sure you wrote this story about him!'

I hear this again and again, as parents and children read my books together. Rather than using fantasy or allegory, my books are based on real children and families, doing day to day things, but finding themselves caught up in extraordinary adventures as they ...

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Kai - Playing his Part

The latest KAI book. Preorder. Book will be …

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Omnibus: Kai - Making it Count / Kai - Playing …

Omnibus edition of Kai - Making it Count and Kai …

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All three Kai Books

Kai - Born to be Super, Kai - Making it Count …

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School Presentations

Presentations on Books and Reading, Creative Writing, Character Development, Plotting, Re-reading and editing, as well as motivational …

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Sunday School

Joy is producing Sunday School Resources based on her books, so you can learn and grow together. Please use the contact form below to ask …

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Book Club

Looking for Book Club Questions? Click HERE. 

Joy is happy to come and talk to your book club (via Zoom) and talk about her book. Use the …

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They Whisper About Us

They Whisper About Us

This is my favourite book that I've read in the last three years - and I've read A LOT!

This has been a delightful read. It is a parallel story between 2 generations. Starting in Russia where owning a Bible was …

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